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Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycling Program
Procedure to apply for a hearing aid

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  1. Make an appointment with an audiologist to receive a thorough hearing evaluation. This will ensure that the applicant is an appropriate candidate for a hearing aid, and will screen for any medical problems that may need to be taken care of before being fit with a hearing aid. 

    If the applicant does not already have an audiologist or would prefer to deal with the same audiologist throughout the whole application process, an audiologist may be chosen from our list of participating SHARP audiologists.

    Many audiologists can file with Medicare to cover a portion of the testing cost.

  2. Complete the SHARP application and attach a copy of your hearing test. The hearing test can be no older than 6 months. The applicant has to have a hearing loss of at least 30 db in the better ear to qualify.

  3. We ask for a one-time $50 processing fee. This helps stretch the civic club funds as far as possible.

  4. Wait for notice of approval by the SHARP Board. Since this is an all-volunteer Board, it meets once a month. Currently the meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. All applications received during the previous month will be considered at that time.

    • If an applicant is denied for any reason, such as being underage or having too much income, the $50 fee will be refunded.  There is no set income requirement.  Each applicant is considered individually, with income and expenses taken into account.  If someone feels they have been wrongly denied, the Board invites the applicant to submit additional information to give a clearer picture of financial status.  The application will be reconsidered at the next meeting.

    • If an applicant is approved the $50 fee will be deposited, and a notice will be sent with the name and number of a participating SHARP audiologist. The applicant must then call that audiologist and schedule an appointment for an ear mold impression.

  5. Return to the audiologist for fitting of one behind-the-ear recycled hearing aid. When that aid is received, the audiologist will call the applicant in for fitting.

  6. Return to the audiologist for follow-up visits as needed. This is very important for maximum benefit from the hearing aid.  The audiologist will work with each client to adjust and fine-tune the aid to be sure it is performing at its best and is as comfortable as possible.

  7. Return the aid to SHARP if it is no longer being used. The program will be sure that someone else will benefit from the aid.

While SHARP realizes that many people would benefit from being fit with two hearing aids, the Board feels it cannot justify fitting one person with two aids and letting another go without. In order to stretch limited resources, only one aid per person can be fit through this program.

Click here to see if you are qualified